Youth Leadership Advisory Board

This is a new board and group mentoring experience where youth come together to discuss topics concerning the youth of Kittitas County. Youth Services is looking for students to share their unique perspectives on the topics being discussed. In addition to talking about and being involved in issues concerning youth, the members are involved in various community service projects around the county and Youth Services. Finally, community members are brought in to talk with our Youth Board about their career pathway and involvement in the community.

Here is some important information:

  • Members are between the ages of 14 and 19 

  • Members are a Kittitas County Resident

  • Members maintain substance free when representing Youth Services and the Youth Leadership Advisory Board

  • The length of the term is 1 year

  • Students will be meeting weekly with their mentor groups

  • There are 15 Board Member positions; minimum of 5 seats are held for Upper County, minimum of 5 seats are held for Lower County

  • If seats are full for the Youth Leadership Advisory Board, there is a pool where applicants can wait and may be pulled from to serve midterm. 

Follow the steps below to be considered for a spot on the Youth Leadership Advisory Board and we look forward to meeting you. 



Students will complete an online application.  This application will ask for some basic information as well as three questions that are specific about your interests of being on the Youth Leadership Advisory Board. Click the link below to go to the application.

Once the application is submitted you will receive a email within a week to set up an interview time.

Click Here for the Application



The interview process will consist of meeting with two members of the Youth Services Mentoring Program. In the interview the applicants will participate in answering questions regarding the application questions and going over some sections of the Student Packet that is attached in step 3. 

* If you do not feel comfortable coming to the office or do not have transportation to the interview, alternate arrangements can be made. When contacted to set up interview please let the Youth Services Employee know. 


Signed Packet Returned 

(If selected or in waiting pool)

The  Youth Services Program  Coordinator will contact the student through email about the position on the Youth Leadership Advisory Board. 

The packet will be posted on our website as well as handed out at the interview for members to look at with their guardians. This packet must be completed and returned via email, mail, or brought to the office by the August meeting.