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How Can I Become a Mentor?

To protect the safety of children, each volunteer goes through a rigorous screening and training process prior to being matched with a child:

Step #1 – Application 

  • Volunteers complete an online application.
  • Youth Services Mentor Program  then completes the following screenings:
    • National Criminal History Background Check
    • Child Protective Services Background Check
    • Three Personal Reference Checks
    • Sex Offender Registry

Step #2 – Training

  • A Youth Services Mentor Program  staff member provides a 2 to 3-hour training session where scenarios and boundaries for the mentor-ship are discussed, as well as ideas for activities and conversations. Typically a current or former volunteer joins the training to share stories and lessons from their experience as a Mentor.

Step #3 – Interview

  • Volunteers meet with the  Youth Services Mentor Program  Coordinator for an in-depth interview to assess their interests in order to provide a successful match with a child.

Step #4 –”Match” Meeting

  • The  Youth Services Mentor Program  Coordinator joins the volunteers in meeting their child and family for the first time.

How Can A Child Get a Mentor?

Any child can be considered for involvement in our programs, as long as they are between the ages of 5 and 17 and have parent/guardian permission.

Step #1 – Request

Step #2 – Home Visit

  • Community-Based and Lunchtime Program
    • Our Program Coordinator will schedule a home visit with the child and their parent(s) or guardian(s). This process of interaction and observation enables us to make the best match possible for each child, family, and volunteer.

Step #3 – “Match” Meeting

  • We propose a mentor-ship match based on the interests of the child, family, and volunteer, and our Program Coordinator facilitates the initial “match” meeting between everyone.
  • If the child and volunteer both feel the match is a good fit, they will begin meeting weekly, either on school grounds or out in the community, depending on which program they are involved with.

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